5 Ways to Bring Fall Into Your Home

A new season is upon us and one of our favorite ways to welcome the change is with a refresh on the home front. Switching up a few easy accessories each season is a fun, cost effective way to keep your interiors fresh and inspiring.

Here are five simple style swaps for the new fall season:


1. Faux fur throws: As temperatures start to dip, creating warm and cozy nooks around the house is a great way to cope. Swapping out your casual, lightweight throws and blankets for luxe, faux fur options adds texture, warmth and luxury to any home. Our premium Wild Mannered faux fur collections have a shade and size for every sofa and sitting area.



2. Scented candles: Our senses come alive all over again with each new season and scents play a major role in setting the stage. Stock up on warm, fall favorites like pumpkin, spice, chestnut and fig and infuse your space with a whole new sensibility. We love this pumpkin soufflé favorite from Anthropologie, this warm and spicy autumn wreath pick from Yankee Candle and this delicious pumpkin latte tin candle from Wayfair.



3. Throw pillows: One of the easiest and most impactful ways to change up the look of your favorite space is by adding throw pillows. Trade out lighter colors and fabrics for warm wool, faux fur or velvet picks instead, and instantly add an element of the new season and all its comforts to the home.



4. Floral/plants: We love adding new floral touches throughout the home to pay homage to the season. Find a seasonal wreath for the front door, liven up your mantle with a colorful display of fall leaves and pile a decorative bowl high with mini pumpkins and acorns. You’ll usher in autumn in no time! Wayfair and Pier One Imports both have some great faux options that you can use year after year, including this maple leaf garland , this harvest centerpiece and these gorgeous acorn branches.



5. Dark curtains: Finally, when days get shorter and nights get longer, we love embracing the moody, cool views outside our windows with darker, warmer curtains inside of them. Hanging a new set of curtains in a fabric like wool or velvet in a deep, rich shade of navy, red, brown or grey will add an instant element of fall to any room.


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