A 101 on Static Window Films

A window onto the outside world is not something people often want to cover up with curtains or shades. The solution? Adhesive free, static window film – an easy, affordable way to add privacy, décor or energy-saving elements to your windows without sacrificing the natural light you love so much.

Additionally, window films filter in natural light while partially blocking harmful and draining IR, heat and UV rays. Not only does this easy-to-apply film save energy and energy-related costs, it also helps protect your furniture, floors and accessories from the damaging, fading effects of heat and sun. Consider it a window win/win!

Our Best Home Fashion films combine style and function for any space in the office or home: windows, doors, conference rooms, offices, shower doors, and more.

If you are looking for a little more privacy from prying eyes or passerby traffic, a frosted privacy window film is a simple way to shield your space but still let ambient light come through. Our frosted window film easily adheres to any window and can be removed without residue if you’re looking for a change at any time. You can also mix and match the pieces into patterns or custom designs to suit your space. A decorative window film can even add more creative flair to any wall. Look for patterns, colors or prints that complement your interior design and add a little life to a space while still letting the sun shine through.

Best Home Fashion privacy window films are:

  • Adhesive free – No sticky substance that leaves hard to clean residue on your window
  • Simple to install and remove
  • Thicker than some films out there so, they are durable & offer higher level of heat rejection
  • Guards against harmful UV rays up to 99%
  • Saves energy & related costs
  • Diffuses sun glare & protects furniture from sun damage

Check out our easy how-to video with tips and tricks to applying your window film yourself.

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