A Look at…The Artisan Handcrafted Collection

Nothing adds an element of interest and creativity to a room like a hand-crafted piece or two. Artisan products and makers have seen a huge boom in recent years, thanks to the personal, custom element they bring to interior design. They tell a story without saying a thing and help add warmth, individual expression and comfort to any space.

Our Artisan Handcrafted Collection was developed with exactly this in mind. Working with a team of talented makers in India, we’ve created a beautiful collection of handcrafted accessories that bring soul and energy to the modern-day home.


Here’s a closer look:

Rugs – Natural-fiber rugs deliver on both fashion and function. Materials like jute and wool stand up to foot traffic better than any synthetic alternatives and bring an earthy, natural element to a room that we can’t resist. The rugs in our Artisan Handcrafted Collection come in an assortment of beautiful patterns – chevron, stripes, marble and more – but each one is grounded by the signature handmade quality and style.


Poufs – The Artisan Handcrafted poufs are the perfect accent to any home or office. Our favorite natural materials, jute and wool, were handspun and handwoven by skilled artisans in India to create these highly sustainable, durable must-haves. Earthy neutral tones and traditional textures give these poufs a natural, well-loved feel that makes them instant favorites.


Pillows – The Artisan Handcrafted pillow collection adds a stunning, yet natural pop to any space. Made of faux silk with handmade mother of pearl designs and hand beaded finishes, these pillows are truly one-of-a-kind and embody the uniqueness of the collection. The perfect accent piece to any seating area or bedroom that needs an eye-catching finishing feature.