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  • Not Your Average Blackout Curtains!

    The warm weather has finally arrived, and it’s time to switch out our winter curtains for a more appropriate look.  When completing this seasonal upgrade, most people gravitate towards lightweight sheers, but did you know that blackout curtains are a great choice too?  Well, they are! Most people think of dark colors and heavy fabric […]

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  • Seeds of Change

    One of the easiest ways to bring a room to life is to inject a pop of pattern that catches the eye and keeps its attention. Fashion-inspired floral prints – both big and small – are one of our favorite accessory picks for the home because they bring a bright, colorful element to any space […]

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  • 101 on Different Hanging Styles

    Choosing the perfect curtains for your home or office design doesn’t stop at color, fabric and texture. Different hanging styles can impact the aesthetic and functionality of your window treatments to ensure a finished look that you love from top to bottom. Here’s a 101 on different hanging styles and how you can incorporate them […]

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  • Starry nights

    We love seeing our Best Home Fashion products in beautiful spaces in homes across the country, but nursery room and children’s spaces are especially sweet. We love to work with interior designers and parents-to-be to pick the perfect accent pieces for any type of children’s rooms: modern, traditional, ultra-cozy or extra glam. Here are just […]