Going Green with Succulents

When we aren’t sprucing up our interiors with bright, colorful accessories and décor highlights, we’re going green in a more natural way. Incorporating plants, flowers and even fruits and vegetables into your home’s visual vibe is a great way to bring color, dimension and health benefits into any space, small or large. Going green inside the home can also keep your air fresh, help remove certain toxins from your environment and encourage a stress-reducing “gardening” routine that makes your house a happy – and healthy – one. Succulents are one of our favorite green picks for a home or office thanks to their low-maintenance, resilient foundation. No green thumb necessary. Here are a few ideas for styling your home with them for an (almost) maintenance-free fresh look.

One thing we love about succulents is that they don’t require a ton of investment – time or money wise. You can pick them up at any nursery or home improvement store and they are equally chic on their own or in a group. We got our succulents from Lowes for our DIY project.

Step 1. Pick the vase or terrarium of your choice

You can keep them in a simple vase or pot or get more creative with a custom terrarium, hanging pot or clustered arrangement for an eye-catching visual that will wow. If you’re doing an assortment, mix and match different types and shades of succulents to add interest and dimension to your display.

Step 2. Add stones or sand for drainage, then add soil

Unless the vessel of your choice has draining holes, we recommend adding rocks, sand or both for visual appeal and drainage. Adding a drainage layer helps water to pass through the soil away from the roots.

Step 3. Plant the succulents

Remove the succulents from the nursery container very gently to avoid damaging the roots. We recommend arranging the succulents based on height with the tallest on the back. Once the plants are removed from the containers, you can transfer them into the vessel of your choice then add more succulent potting soil and gently pack around.

Lastly, Finish off with some extra dirt and sand…rocks can also be used in this step for decorative purposes. 

Succulents have a pale, neutral green palette and an unobtrusive size and shape that feels right at home in any design landscape: modern, rustic, contemporary or traditional. They are easy to style around and bring a fresh dimension to any space with ease. And a little ease goes a very long way in our books.

Most succulents are hearty enough to withstand any indoor environment so just keep an eye on them and water as needed when they look thirsty. And since they don’t require as much natural sun as a lot of other plants and flowers, they are a great pick for dark bedrooms or guest rooms, powder rooms and small entryways.