Life is Better with Blackout Curtains!

In the past, we had to sacrifice style for function when selecting Blackout curtains for our home. The Blackout curtains were very plain in design and not very visually appealing. Today, these functional window treatments are available in many different styles and fabrics and function as one of the key home styling elements. You really do get much more with the Blackout curtains and the beauty of it is, they won’t break your wallet! They not only drape beautifully on your windows, they offer benefits that will make your life better in many ways.



So, what are the Blackout benefits? 

1. Blackout blocks light: Blackout curtains help block harsh sunlight, street lights, vehicle headlamps and other external light sources by up to 99%, which means better sleep for you and your family! These are great for people who work at night and need to sleep during the day. Moms, do you want your kids to get a good night’s sleep and stay in bed a bit longer on weekends? Try Blackout!

2. Blackout saves energy: You will like this one. Blackout helps reduce energy loss with its insulating capability. This means lower energy bills by approximately 10-25%!

3. Blackout absorbs noise: How about your neighbor’s dog that seems to bark all day or the early morning construction on your street that starts way before your alarm goes off? Blackout curtains also help reduce outside noise by up to 40%!

4. Blackout prevents glare: Blackout helps protect furniture from sun exposure and damage that is usually irreversible. See pictures of sun damage on leather, fabric & wood below. Protect your investments!

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6. Blackout provides total privacy: Most importantly, Blackout ensures complete privacy for you and your family at all times.

When you are shopping for blackout curtains, look for ones that are made of or lined with the triple weave fabric and avoid the ones that are made of vinyl. If you want complete darkness for better sleep at night or day, layer the curtains and use wraparound rods that will help minimize the halo effect.


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  1. Thank you for your comment. There is a lot more to these curtains and consumers are starting to learn more about it and enjoy its benefits. They are really good!

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