Simple & Stylish Readymade Shades

When it comes to window shades, we believe that function and fashion should intersect seamlessly so we designed ours with both elements in mind. We love a classic shade for its privacy and light-blocking features, but we know they are also a visual focal point in any room so they need to stand up to the sartorial test as well.

Our duo shade collections do just that. With an innovative dual-layered design, these shades offer a custom look and feel without the custom price. The dual layer shades in the Wood Look Duo Roller Shades collection are designed with alternating sheer and privacy panels so you can easily adjust from sheer to full coverage by simply pulling up or down. And the minimal, sophisticated wood-like look – offered in three different shades – adds style to any room.



The Blackout Duo Roller Shades have the same functionality but with the added benefit of triple weave blackout fabric, which darkens the room and offers better light control when you need it. Both are easy to install and can mount inside or outside the window frame so you can tailor it to fit your personal style.


If you’re looking for a single panel option instead, our Samoa, Linen and Wood Look collections are a fresh new alternative to a traditional, classic shade. The airy, natural textures and colors make them a modern, earthy addition to any home or office space and with so many colors and styles to choose from, finding your personal favorite is simple and fun. And all our shades come with child-safe tension devices so you can rest assured your home – and the most important people in it – are always safe and secure.


Whether you opt for a duo or single panel pick, these aren’t your grandmother’s shades (though we’re sure hers were lovely!) and covering up for privacy, light-filtering or just a little hint of style, has never been easier!

Installing one of these is simple!

Step 1. Measure your windows

For inside mount: If you have the window depth (just a few inches needed), mounting the shade inside the frame is the most popular and recommended option for a clean finish. Simply measure the width & height of the window for shade size.

For outside mount: If there is not enough window depth, the shade can be installed on the outer window frame or the wall space near the window. Determine how much shade coverage you want then set the width & height measurement based on that.

Step 2. Install the mounting brackets

BHF shades are packaged with brackets for both inside and outside mounting. You will only use the snap-fit clip for inside mount, but will need both the L bracket and snap-fit clip for outside mounting. 

Inside mount:


Outside mount:


Step 3. Install the Shade

This is probably the easiest part of the installation. As the last step, place the headrail on the snap-fit clip and snap it into place from back to front. When properly installed, you will hear the headrail snapping into place.