Beethoven’s hearing loss was gradual, but he never gave up playing the piano. By 1814, however, he couldn’t hear anything and gave his last performance with the piece “Piano Trio, No. 7.” I can feel his desperation when I listen to this music, and I ask myself, “Have I ever been so desperate about something […]

La Foila

La Foila means “madness.” Jean-Baptiste Lully was the first composer to formalize this style of composition in the mid-Baroque era, and other composers followed with variation symphonies. Even though this is Baroque music, the style is ‘madness’ compared to traditional compositional methods. The trio in this video are harpsichord, Baroque violin and viola da gamba, […]


Robert Schumann, composer and music critic, wrote as a critic under two pseudonyms: Eusebius and Florestan. Eusebius appears to be sensitive while Florestan is impetuous. In “Fantasiestücke Op. 12,” which consists of eight pieces for piano, Schumann reflects these two personalities, repeatedly contrasting and harmonizing. Think about what someone with both facets would be like […]


I must not show my tears flowing; I just restrain myself, mourning within my heart. Then my confidence is restored, and I display my brilliant techniques. Soon, though, I hang my head in shyness and want to run away to the back row in my embarrassment. Nevertheless, I guess Schubert’s music has become a comfort […]