Concerto Grosso

Concerto grosso is a term for a concerto of the Baroque period. This piece contains three soloists: two recorder players and one violinist. You might recognize this music when you listen to it. The recorders sound like angels chattering while the violin plays continuously; these two instruments together make one beautiful melody.


Baroque is a style of Western European music composed from approximately 1600 to 1750. The word “baroque” originates from the Portuguese barroco which means ‘”imperfect pearl.” We can understand why it’s called a pearl because it is beautiful. Then why is it called ‘imperfect’? Well, this is my thought: Baroque music obviously sounds beautiful, but […]


I want to live in a beautiful and meaningful way, but it’s not as easy to do as it is to say. We end up living an ordinary life without any color, and we regret it. However, Bach says this one thing for us: Even though our life is colorless and ordinary, the living itself […]


Do you like Brahms? His music is as soft and warm as the sunlight of early autumn, but it is not weak; it possesses an underlying strength because it is not easy to live only with softness and warmth when you’ve missed a woman for a very long time. Do you like Brahms? Yes, I […]

Black Orpheus

The story of Orpheus and Eurydice is a sad love story about Orpheus descending to the underworld to save his love, Eurydice, but failing in the end. This myth is reinterpreted in a Brazilian film named Black Orpheus. This piece is the theme song, “Morning of the Carnival.” The cello look-alike is the viol.

Ave Maria

“Schubert’s “”Ave Maria”” was composed three years before he left this world. It is a song of salvation for someone who had suffered from a desperate situation of poverty and disease. He transforms this despair into beauty and hope by singing ‘Thou canst save me amid despair.’ This song is based on a prayer and […]