Consider Window Film for a Healthier and Happier Living

The warm summer sun is a treasure to enjoy after dark grey winters and muddy rainy springs. But blistering hot weather can turn anyone into a recluse, and while being shaded behind a cloak of curtains beats the heat, it also completely blocks your beautiful view of the world thriving around you. 

Well, there is a practical and stylish solution to that, Best Home Fashion’s static window film!

While window films allow natural light to pass through, they also partially block heat, harmful IR and UV rays. This provides protection not only for yourself but for furnishings and floors that are easily faded by the damaging effects of the sun. Best Home Fashion’s window films are thicker, making them especially durable and resilient against heat. It is also a great way to grant your space some privacy without becoming completely blocked off from the outdoors

SolbloQ Sun Control Film - Front
SolbloQ Sun Control Film - Back

Static window film is easy-to-apply and adhesive free so if your style or needs change, they come off cleanly without any leftover residues to struggle against. This is a great material to use creatively, with numerous options of pattern, colors, and prints, it is easy to complement any interior design and transform any space into a comfortable, stylish haven. Mixing and matching decorative films is the perfect way to turn your window into a mosaic of colors and textures that breathe life into the room. A great way to add extra intrigue is to cut the film into different shapes to arrange into your own masterpiece.

Frosted Window Film - Front
Frosted Window Film - Back
Art Glass Film - Front
Art Glass Film - Back

What benefits do these window films offer? They are:

  • Adhesive free – No sticky substance that leaves hard to clean residue on your window
  • Simple to install and remove
  • Thicker than some films out there so, they are durable & offer higher level of heat rejection
  • Great for guarding against harmful UV rays – up to 99%
  • Energy efficient and saves energy & related costs
  • Also great for diffusing sun glare & protecting furniture from sun damage

Check out the short how-to video for easy instructions about applying your Best Home Fashion static window film and be on your way to enjoying a transformed space.