Curtains for Every Living Space

Home is where the heart is, and although not everyone has a mind hardwired for design, it’s important to be confident in one’s own creative ability so that you’re able to construct a space that is beautifully unique.

Every day, as the world transitions into a new morning, there is the opportunity to see the perfect contrasting of color – and as sunlight streams into the home, it is easy to dream of equally bright days ahead. The view from your window is a piece of art that breathes life and light into the home – so picking the perfect frame is the key to tying together any interior style.


Modern interior design is often categorized by an ‘absence of’ because of the importance of minimalism in achieving this look. Use of geometric shapes help to streamline the space and give the design an overall polished look. Color is also a big indicator of modernism, which is fond of a neutral palette, especially utilizing white. Modern style also happens to be a great complement to someone who enjoys a clutter-free life.

The type of curtains for this interior can draw on any combination of these characteristics. White and light gray as a color selection would be complementary to the established color scheme and a sheerer material would fit well within the light and bright feel of the space.

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This style is the perfect pairing of earthiness and elegance. White is utilized as a backdrop to emphasize raw materials, and an overall palette of muted hues creates a clean landscape that complements the rough texture of wood accents. A soft blue or yellow are the perfect colors to complement the established tones, and create some visual interest, while aged pieces with a handmade or vintage vibe give of warmth that will make anyone feel at home in the space.

Matching the subtle color scheme is a great way to start when choosing a curtain for a country rustic style. But to anyone who may be feeling a bit bold, mimicking an accent color would also ensure that it fits within the space. Since wood is a staple of the design, it is important that any additional texture is either a traditional pair to natural materials (like a cotton piece), or is a bit opposite (such as a sheer curtain) which has a softer, more feminine feeling.

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Eclectic style is a fantastic display of the unexpected – borrowing pieces from all ages of design to create something new in every space. However, there is a fine line to cross from art to chaos, and creating a harmonious design is contingent on focusing one marrying characteristic throughout the space. Experimenting with different fabrics is encouraged, and unique patterns or textures can be mixed on a great scale as long as color is used as a grounding force.

A curtain in a bold color drawn from any fixtures around the room can work in unifying the space, as well as contributing to a sense of imagination. It is best to be cautious with patterns because an eclectic setting often relies on busy furniture and striking decorations to create visual interest.

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Traditional design is simple, with subtle embellishments to add interest without appearing showy. Compositionally, symmetry is often used to provide a sense of calm and plush furniture furthers ideas of relaxation. Floral patterns can often be overbearing, but muted colors help these prints to blend perfectly into the space. An overall color palette of warm toned neutrals usually covers the base of the room, while richer hues are paired with complementing metals for decoration.

Curtains in a traditional setting become a part of the decoration, so choosing a richer color from the palette and a heavier fabric will give them a presence that is eye-catching without being overwhelming, and that holds the same feeling of warmth as the rest of the space.

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Bohemian design is full of life – from the vibrancy of a saturated color palette, to an abundant use of pattern that draws the eye in all directions. It is inspired by bold designs from all over the world and often becomes a collection of vintage accessories brought into a new age of color. Layering different fabrics with fringe or crochet embellishments and earthy elements like wood or unpolished metals creates a flowing and carefree environment.

The curtain that goes into a bohemian home should have all the free-spiritedness of the rest of the space. This is the perfect opportunity to play with pattern mixing and introduce more color. Ornamentations of the fabrics used to decorate the room can also be complemented by a curtain with equally intriguing embellishments like fringe.

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Main image credit: Country Living Magazine