DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and invitations for Thanksgiving dinner have probably already gone out to your family and friends. The menu has been selected (or maybe it’s a work in progress) with perfect drinks to complement and you’re now searching through Pinterest to find that perfect eye-catching centerpiece – but hitting the brick wall! Aargh!

Here’s that perfect centerpiece that will make you shine this year. Simple and just breathtakingly beautiful, what’s great about this piece is that you get to bring in some greens from your backyard (if that’s an option), to add some natural elements to the table.


  • Decorating snowflakes and some glitter (Any color will work, we used gold for ours)
  • Ribbon
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Hot glue gun (get extra glue sticks!)
  • Disposable gloves
  • Disposable plates or bowls
  • Pine cones 70-100 depending on size (You can get them from nature or use faux)
  • Some Holiday greens & Holly berries (We chose to use fresh ones, but we suggest faux Holly berries if you have little children or pets.)
  • Wreath wire (We used 14”)
  • Cylinder glass vase that would fit in center of wreath wire (We used 6”H x 7”D)
  • Fairy lights
  • Scissors


For this you will need: gloves, snowflakes, glitter, glue (Elmer’s) and pine cones. You can decorate all your pine cones or leave some plain. We recommend using gloves to keep the glue, glitter and sap on pine cones from sticking to your hands. Pour Elmer’s glue, snow, and glitter on separate plates and start decorating the pine cones!

Hold pine cones on top, lightly (keyword is lightly!) roll the pine cone in glue then cover the glued area with glitter or snowflakes. Continue the process until you have the quantity needed for this project. Place them on a covered surface to dry overnight.


Place the wreath wire on covered surface (we used 14” with 4 rings) and warm up the hot glue gun. You will definitely need to grab extra glue sticks so, keep them accessible. Start hot gluing the bottom of the pine cones to the middle ring and work outward. Once you have finished gluing the pine cones to the rings, flip wreath and add more glue to the pine cones to secure them in place.

DO NOT add pine cones to the ring closest to the center and leave as is for now.


You will need pine needles, pine branches, & holly branches, faux or straight from your backyard. For this step, gather enough pine branches and weave them into the center ring slots that’s empty. Weave the branches well into place as shown in the pictures. Fill the empty spots and you can always use more for a fuller look. You don’t need to use the glue for this step.


As a final step, start lining the cylinder vase with some pine needles, pine branches and holly leaves. Loosely wrap the fairly light around several pine cones and hide the battery chamber under out of sight.  Then fill the vase with the decorated pine cones. We mixed in some larger pine cones with smaller ones to give it more visual interest. If using natural holly leaves, watch out for those sharp spikes!!! We chose to finish with our vase with a velvet bow found at Homegoods. Measure well before cutting the ribbon so you have enough to make a nice big bow.

To complete the centerpiece, place the vase in the middle of the wreath and voila! You’ll have a gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpiece that will keep the compliments coming! Next time, we will show you have to turn this centerpiece into a festive Holiday wreath so, stay tuned! Happy Thanksgiving!