Reflect Your Style with Mirrors

Mirrors have become such a part of our everyday routines that we may forget they are so much more than practical objects that provide a physical reflection of our bodies; in fact, they are versatile accent pieces with the potential to revitalize your interior look.

Whether you use a mirror to brighten up a dark room, function as a focus of attention, or inject a textural component on a wall, this often overlooked accessory can define – or redefine – your decorating style.


Mirrors optimize natural light by reflecting it, thus making a room feel bright and expansive. At the same time, the color and shape of the mirror frame can accentuate your existing furnishings or introduce an interesting counterpoint.

To infuse an element of elegance or vintage charm, choose a mirror like the Gold Quatrefoil Mirror or Gold Moroccan Arch Mirror. With classic shapes and gold finishes, these mirrors exude an old-world sophistication.

Displayed in a foyer, over a mantel, or on a bedroom wall, these simple yet stylish accent pieces make a décor statement.


Mirrors are terrific focal points, and eye-catching designs and attractive materials increase their visibility and impact. Organic shapes, like circles, imbue a natural dimension and smooth the hard edges of other furnishings. Designers know that curves are effective for creating a balanced, comforting ambiance.

This Round Mirror with Metal Inlay not only creates visual interest but also adds a great deal of texture to a wall space.

The weathered look of whitewash, soft and warm, complements a cottage or rustic style, while shiny gold inlays make it equally at home in a contemporary or Boho-inspired vibe

Simple and rustic, the Round Farmhouse Mirror offers a more pronounced three dimensional quality with its protruding rim, wide enough to display some dried flowers or a small object. Hung anywhere in the home, this accent piece, crafted from mango wood, adds warmth and a layer of texture.

To highlight other textural components in your décor, position a mirror to reflect an object already in the room – a distressed wood coffee table, ceramic vase, or faux fur throw.

Made from natural materials, the Wooden Mirror with Leather Strap injects a distinctively rustic character. The impressive sunburst motif draws the eye and radiates an irresistible charm. Use this particular design as a punctuation mark over a mantel, console, or dresser. Hang it in front of a window to give new meaning to the term ‘sunburst’!


Cross a mirror with a wooden geometric overlay and the result is the striking Geometric Wall Panel. With its intricately carved wood, it adds visual complexity, texture, and a decidedly modern or Boho flair to a space.

Perfect above a desk or in an entryway, it is certain to infuse a bit of brio to an otherwise empty space.