Styling Inspiration for Side Tables

When it comes to interior design, don’t sideline your side tables. These furnishings are not merely places for the remote, a stray magazine, or a cup of coffee. Rather, they are integral pieces for creating visual interest, providing a balanced look, and juxtaposing different stylistic themes.

To get you started on creating a well-styled table, we introduce our Piers Table Collection. This attractive array of home furnishings complements any interior style and elevates the look of your living room, bedroom, or entryway. At the same time, these tables offer the flexibility to feature those elements that reflect your own style and personality.


Experiment with shape, texture, and color with our Piers Hexagon Marble Table whose marble top, iron frame, and stylish antique brass finish add a decidedly modern note.

Be creative! Select one color or mix and match the white, gray, and black marble tops to create an eclectic yet chic look. You can also combine two or more tables into a geometric pattern to make a coffee table or stagger two or three tables throughout a room, individualizing each with a different accent piece – a book, a candle, a plant.


Side tables are the perfect place to incorporate accent lighting. Start with our Piers Inlay Round Marble Table. This sleek mid-century inspired table boasts a cylindrical design and striking brass-finished inlay. Top it with a lamp in an unusual shape, bright color, or striking texture that complements the other furnishings and heightens visual appeal.

You can also use the table space to display a treasured heirloom, favorite family photograph, framed artwork, or a decorative bowl or plate. Such items are eye-catching and add charm and personality. They are great conversation starters, too!


Add a personal touch with a stack of books. In sets of three, they add symmetry as well as texture and color. Choose book cover colors that complement other colors in the room.

Books also make the perfect foundation for other elements, such as a vase of flowers, photograph, or decorative object as shown here on our Piers Square Marble Table. With its iron frame base and stylish antique brass finish, this modern square table is an ideal place to showcase your personal design aesthetic.


This Piers Marble Parat Table, available in white or black marble, complements any décor from rustic to contemporary. The round shape softens a room’s design and helps balance other furnishings with hard edges. It is the perfect platform for introducing the freshness and beauty of flowers and greenery. When decorating with flowers, consider using wooden bowls, glass bottles, or any other unique object instead of the traditional vase. A pretty bowl with emerald green moss spheres, for example, adds a pop of color and instant style.  

Pair florals with the soft look and appealing scent of candles to create a soothing, relaxing ambiance not only for guests but also for you! Choose a single candle or cluster three or more at different heights to create visual interest. Stylish holders can add texture and accentuate your existing décor or introduce an eclectic tone. The plethora of shapes, colors, and scents makes it easy to find just the right look and scent.