Trying on New Trends with Curtains

Trying on new trends is easy when it comes to switching out window treatments in your home or office. With a quick swap of new curtains, you can inject a breath of fresh air into any look to give it new life in a flash. Here are some of our favorite trends to try right now – and how you can get the look at Best Home Fashion:

Bold is Beautiful

Small rooms call for big statements. Make a maximum impact in any room by mixing bold colors and patterns for a “more is more” effect that really pops. Whether you go bold with your color palette or playful print, the look will draw the eye up and create the illusion of height and airy space…even in rooms without either. If you want to turn down the volume a little but still go bold, just layer a simple sheer or neutral in with your bright favorites. Either way, the effect is bold and beautiful.

Go Green

Ground your favorite room with an earthy, natural nod to the great outdoors. Pick curtains in natural tones of ocean blue, organic greens and neutral beiges and pair them with nature-inspired patterns like marble print and botanical embroidery. This soothing style is perfect for bedrooms, relaxing nooks and living spaces where you want a recharging, restful visual effect. Take it one step further by incorporating plants and greenery in the space to accent your new natural aesthetic in style.

Infuse Glamour

Look to the skies for a rich, glamorous look inspired by the night sky and cosmos. We’ve paired deep, textured fabrics like silk and velvet with warm metallic finishes in copper, gold and brass that add a cosmic pop of pattern that feels mysterious and dark. A perfect look for bedrooms where privacy and luxurious comfort are key.

Play with Pastels

Add a playful, creative element to your favorite room with a palette of pastel favorites from our Best Home Fashion curtain collection. Vibrant patterns mix with charming pastels in shades of pink, mint and turquoise to add a sweet finish to any space. A beautiful look for bedrooms, nurseries, living spaces and even bathrooms or vanity areas. This is a trend where fun comes first so pick statement-making patterns that perk up your room and express your artistic eye with effortless style!

Take a Journey

In good design, every room tells a story and we love bringing it to life with a mix of beautiful curtains that bring forth classic influences from the past with a modern sensibility. This trend focuses on blending warm earth tones and natural textures that showcase a sense of adventure, heritage and cultural allure that we love. Think mustards, oranges, browns and blues layered with animal furs, intricate embroidery and rustic, natural materials. International inspiration, at-home comfort. The best of both worlds.

No matter which trend feels most like you, it’s easy and fun to mix up your look and try something new with your window treatments. Curtains, sheers and accessories can give any room – and window – a whole new point of view in a flash.

Watch this short video for more on how to try on new trends with curtains: